Rainy Autumn Saturday

It has been raining here literally since I woke up at 7:45 this morning (likely before) and still hasn’t let up.

As such, we set about indoor activities today.

My son went with our good friends (and incidentally his favorite sitter) for a fun day at the pumpkin patch and a costume party. I don’t know how the rain impacted the overall plan, but he seems to be having a good time.

With Big Brother gone for the day, my daughter has had an “only” day- where it’s as if she’s the only child for a day. I think that’s nice seeing as soon my attention will be split among three little ones all under  three years old. So we’ve been singing, playing, and reading one on one, and she has loved it. Maybe it’s my mommy anxiety, but I also use one on one time to gauge overall development and milestones. So far, my little lady is doing just fine. Perhaps a bit behind her peers and where her brother was at this age, but she is her own little person; she will go and do at her own pace and I will encourage without rushing her.

While baby girl napped, I got out my drop spindles and set about crudely spinning some Maggie fiber I had harvested almost a year ago. I’ve actually learned a lot about how to harvest angora rabbit fiber since then and I was, truthfully, annoyed by the quality (specifically staple length) of the wool I was working with. It didn’t spin particularly well; the guage was really inconsistent. Perhaps used in some artisinal project, it won’t look terrible.

Dinner was rustic and delicious- roast chicken and broiled cauliflower with baked sweet potatoes.

All in all it was a productive Saturday.

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