How I Grew a Baby SCOBY

My husband thinks it’s gross… As does his entire side of the family…and mine…

BUT- I did it. I grew a baby kombucha SCOBY from some store bought kombucha.

I was at an organic market about two weeks ago and I searched diligently for some plain kombucha or a SCOBY starter. No such luck. All I found was some Live Soda Kombucha, Pure Doctor flavor (Think Dr. Pepper). It was delicious. I drank probably 8 of the 12 oz bottle and left the rest to start my SCOBY.

When I got home, I brewed two cups of strong black tea, added about a cup of sugar, and to that added the 4 oz. of Live. I covered it with a coffee filter and secured that with a mason jar band and left it alone on the counter to “grow”.

After 2 weeks, I now have a baby SCOBY!

So today, I am starting a batch of home brewed kombucha using baby SCOBY, and we’ll see how it goes. 

I made about 2.5 cups strong black tea with 3/4c sugar. To that I added my starter kombucha and SCOBY.

we’ll check on it again in about a week and see how it’s doing!

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