Prayers for my Boy

My two year old son has been having some odd symptoms lately that suggest, according to the internet, everything from low potassium levels, Celiac disease, type 1 diabetes, or cancer.

I’m hoping to eliminate the worst case scenarios from that list of possibilities, but as a mama, I’m naturally concerned for my little man. I know he’s not feeling well and that the whole thing is pretty scary for him, especially the diagnostic testing he will have to go through.

I’m praying for wise counsel from God as we seek to understand what is the root cause. We are going to his doctor this morning and beginning the initial work up to see what exactly is going on.

I don’t often ask for much, but I will ask for your prayers for my little man, Titus and for my husband and me as we seek to maintain a calming presence for him and to stay firmly rooted in Christ no matter what the outcome.

Thanks be to the God of all comfort!

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