New Items in the Wholly Holy Living Shop

I am remis in maintaining our Etsy shop. I have been distracted by so many things- life in general, 3rd trimester of pregnancy, winter homestead preparations, sick toddlers… Anyway…

I have a couple new listings in the shop right now. Some are unique handmade crocheted Christmas stockings.

Volunteer orange and white 100% cotton yarn

Royal blue, yellow, and white
Royal blue and lime green

In addition to the stockings in unusual colors, I have the ability to make custom stockings out of Christmas colors- red, green, white. All stockings are crocheted from Red Heart acrylic yarn, except for the Tennessee Volunteer orange one, which is 100% cotton.

Also new this week in time for some last minute shopping are relaxation/meditation sensory eye bags. Each bag measures 8×3 inches, made of cotton and flannel for optimal comfort, and is filled with pinto beans. They can be used with heat by placing them in the microwave for 20 seconds. Spot clean only, do not submerge in water.

Green and tan mandala pattern

Blue and green Chevron/diamonds

Supply is limited but items can be requested made to order.

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