When God Disturbs Our Plans

Today was supposed to be a bulk cooking day to get some meals in my freezer for when baby #3 decides to arrive… 

Instead, I’ve been in the hospital, trying to avoid preterm labor. 

So far, still no baby. Which is great for my son- he needs to bake in there some more. But it’s pretty frustrating for me to endure all the maybes and waiting in the mean time.

I was doing my Bible study and came to the book of Haggai. I came across a note in the margin of my Bible that I had made a while ago. It said, “God disrupts our plans to get our attention.”

I find that to be fairly accurate in my experience. But my tendency is just to rush in to making more plans. And then plans for when those plans don’t work, and so on and so on.

So I said, “okay God, you have my attention.” 

I’m so averse to idleness (because it’s one of my biggest temptations) that I often over do and over work to the point of utter exhaustion. I had actually unknowingly been fighting infection which may have initiated the preterm labor. And instead of backing off, I worked through the fatigue and… Well, here I am now still in the hospital being treated for preterm labor.

Which begs the question, why do I have such a hard time resting? Why do I have such a difficult time of being still?

I was reading a devotional the other day that kept saying we just need to “be in Christ” just be… I don’t even know what that means let alone how to practice it.

But I guess if I had to make a stab at defining it, I’d say that just “being” is the process of sitting through the discomfort of stillness and quietness to specifically listen for the voice of God.

It’s harder than one would think. It takes a lot of concentration for my mind to tune out distractions. I think that is why the Psalmist meditated on God’s precepts. Because if he’s actively reading and pondering God’s word, it’s a lot easier to stay focused on God than if I try to sit still in the quietness (I’m actually up pacing now- with approval from doctors- because I can’t stand sitting still one more minute)

So that’s what I’m doing. I’ve prayed that God penetrate my heart and mind with His word today so that it will be at the forefront of my focus and I can just “be” in Christ. Every moment can be a teachable moment- even while sitting (or pacing) in the hospital.

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