Well it’s good to be back home.

We were finally given the green light to come home from the hospital and for the time being, Baby #3 is staying put.

The whole experience was exhausting for me, even being on bed rest for 24 hours. I realized something though and God taught me through the situation- I need Him to develop an attitude of obedience in me.

I was sitting in the hospital really just physically uncomfortable and wanting to deliver already, even though I am still about 5 weeks from my due date. That’s selfish, right? I realize that. And I told God so…

“God, I’m struggling. I really want to just have this baby even though I know it’s better for him if he stays put for a few more weeks. God, your will be done because I realize what I want is likely not best and that it’s coming from selfishness in me. I pray for Your will to be accomplished and for Your peace to rest on me whatever the outcome. Amen.”

And God answered my prayer. Perfectly and beautifully. I am so thankful that my tiny man has been spared a NICU stay. I am so thankful that my selfish want was set aside for God’s best. And I’m even more grateful that God showed me how to pray obediently, not just for what I want or my convenience, but for His good, pleasing, and perfect will.

I have peace knowing that while we came home after a semi-false alarm, that God called me to walk in trust and obedient prayer, and in spite of my own wants, He grew me in spiritual maturity. Thank you, Jesus!

But I’m still on baby watch; it could be hours, days, weeks… I don’t know. But God does. And I know that when the time is right, my son will be born.

I know my God comes through at the appropriate time, every time. And even if He never did another single thing more for me from today on, I would still owe Him my life.

How is God speaking to you today? How will you respond?

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