Shaggy Maple Update

We have been so busy around here with the addition of Baby #3 that the Shaggy Maple Homestead business has gotten moved further down the list of to-do’s.

We’re still planning and preparing our business for launch, but what exactly that will look like is still in the works.

At this point in time, at least until our harvest comes in and we really finish developing our growing spaces and methods, we’re looking at selling the heirloom seeds we’ve saved.

Also on the eventual market list are plant starts, Dried herbs for teas, and micro greens.

We recently developed a mutually beneficial relationship with another small business owner in the region which supplies us with quality organic plant waste to use as compost. This will help that particular business owner dispose of her excess compost materials as well as keep us supplied with quality compost and/or chicken food. Hooray!

We’re also in the process of acquiring information and permits for selling our seeds and such at the local farmer’s markets. This means transition for me from teaching (I’ll do another post on that soon) to having Saturdays available for being at the markets.

We’re also in the process of linking our business to this blog. When I began writing Wholly Holy Living, my primary focus was to give God glory and to share the Gospel in everything we were doing on the Homestead. That is still the primary purpose of all we do (Colossians3:17). That said, the blog will be incorporating more and more of what we’re doing as a small business. We’re still largely in the preparation phase of the business and we don’t want to put the cart before the horse so to speak, but we do feel it is important to establish a presence in the market place and get our brand/name out to the community.

In the long term, we’re looking to develop relationships with other local small business owners, such as restaurants, or cafes in which we supply them with microgreens or herbs or fresh veggies. We recognize this is a few years down the line, and are working toward that end goal.

In the short term, we’re going to focus on building a presence and relationships within the community and raising capital through selling what produce we’re able to currently grow. Keep watching the Shaggy Maple Homestead Etsy shop for updated listings, particularly as fall approaches! We look forward to watching our business blossom and thank you all for your continued support of this blog. We hope to see our little family enterprise grow and change and we hope you’re just as excited as we are.

Also, we’ve got some surprises coming as far as content in concerned, so stay tuned!

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