Fruit Tree Cuttings Experiment

I had some suckers growing on my peach and cherry trees. Naturally, I thought, “hmm… I wonder…”

So I cut off the suckers and decided to see if I could root the cuttings.

I frequently do a lot of things intuitively in the garden; whenever I see something that just doesn’t look right or seems…off… And although I’m getting better at researching BEFORE I act on the impusles, I tend to act before I think. Under most circumstances this is a character flaw. But- in the case of gardening, I’ve found that God is really growing an intuition in me about plant life and I can more and more rely on His guidance and my gut.

So, I have the cuttings in large felt pots. I figure I will do the apples in the fall, and my tentative plan for them is to graft our rust resistant variety (cedar apple rust is a HUGE problem here) onto quince rootstock. This, in my mind, will keep the trees at a dwarf/bush height so that 1) the resistant variety has hearty roots. 2) it remains a treatable height for ease of annual liquid copper application for the sake of healthy trees and fruit production.

We shall see. I like to experiment in the garden and when they actually turn out, all the better!

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