What’s in the Garden?

I thought I’d take you through what we have going on in the gardens this year.

At this point, we have 5 distinct areas which we are cultivating:

  1. Terrace Back to Eden Garden
  2. Hugulkultur swale/fruit trees
  3. The Berry hedgerow
  4. The Orchard
  5. Market Garden terraces

half-finished seems to be our trademark… We’re working on improving that too.

For now, here’s what’s going on in area #1.

Terrace Garden/Back to Eden

Peas are done and harvested, and seed has been saved. Radish seed is drying out as is spinach.

Peas trellis, romaine, Royal Burgundy bush beans

Radish seed pods hang-drying the rest of the way.

We still have romaine coming in, royal burgundy bush beans, and cucumber just starting to flower.

Potatoes are just about ready to harvest, and the late variety of cabbage is looking pretty good, and brussel sprouts seem promising.

Turnips have been harvested except for what we are leaving for seed- it’ll be mulched up this fall and should produce a stalk in the spring.

The beets were harvested- not many came up. I think next year I’ll plant a lot more because they were tasty! The carrots look a little pitiful this year… I’m disappointed with their germination rate.

I’m not sure if it was the seed or my dog running through the garden… Maybe a little of column A, little column B…

Strike bush beans, squashes, and corn are all looking great! I’m pleased so far with how the 3 sisters bed is coming along. All we’ve used for fertilizer is grass clippings and rabbit poo tea!

I’ve had mixed results with my tomatoes this year. A few volunteers made it (Imagine that in East TN!)

Swale tomato

but many of my transplants did not. So I’ll take what I can get and work with what I have. I staked the larger ones with T-posts this afternoon, the volunteers are the reason for the weird spacing.

Tomatoes; one grew like a football goal, so it has a double stake.

The peppers are also looking good! As are the walking onions. I popped off the top sets in the spring and put them straight in the ground. A few of them have come up again, some haven’t. In any case, we have plenty of onions.

Sage has gone to seed, and some sage, and parsley are drying in my kitchen.

I planted a mixture of wild flowers along the fence line swale that I’m really pleased with so far. It’s kinda wild, jungle-like, and naturally beautiful. That will all be “chop ‘n’ dropped” to mulch the swale in the fall. (And I plan on digging out most of that poke… Tincturing some, burning the rest.)

Fence line swale and Cyd
Marigolds along the swale

Incidentally, the tomatoes planted there are doing amazing!

And that’s what we’ve got for now! More to come. 😊

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