Catching Strawberry Runners

We decided to propagate our strawberries for a greater harvest next year. But, we aren’t really sure if we like them where they currently are. While they successfully bloomed and fruited in their current locale, we know a place in full sun would be more beneficial to them.

So that means we have 2 options. Option 1, we dig up the plants we have there and move them to a new place. Or, option 2, we “catch” the runners.

If there’s one thing this growing season has taught me, it’s that I don’t want all my metaphorical eggs in one basket. So, we went with option 2.

First we waited for the plants to start putting out runners.

This little one we’ll pot as soon as we see root buds.

The trick is to pot them right as they start sending down roots. We’ll leave them attached to the parent plant to be fed and nourished as they develop their root system, and then we’ll clip the runners, and have cute, little, independent, potted strawberry plants!🍓

So far, we have about a 43% success rate at catching. So before anyone goes accusing us of living a fairy tale life, know that we fail more often than we succeed… I’ve just accepted that as a byproduct of trying.

We will still weed and heavily mulch the current strawberry bed in the fall that way, should our cultivation efforts fail, we still have some berries coming in next year.

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