Bringing Chaos into Order

Part of my brand of creativity is organization.

Many don’t think of organizing as creativity, but it is. Think about it from God’s perspective- the first three days of creation were spent organizing! Separating the earth from the sky, gathering the waters together, separating day from night. God brought chaos into order. (Genesis 1:1-16)

That is the aspect of creativity that I find most satisfying and fulfilling in my own life- taking something messy, disordered, or chaotic and making it neat, tidy, orderly and beautiful.

Finally, I’ve been able to turn my attention back to taming/developing the potager.

Because I was unfamiliar with the term as a newbie to bourgeoisie gardening, this is how Google defines it:

Poteger: [’pɔ.ta.ʒe] (n.) grand kitchen gardens that combine vegetables and ornamental plants in stunning designs.

I’m going to be layering in perennials over the next couple years; moving some I already have on the property and making additions next spring.

So far, I have decided to keep some of the traditional cottage garden plants like honey suckle, dogwood, and I’ve planted hollyhocks, and transplanted peonies, hostas, and yuccas from around the property. We have some daylilly already in place, they just need to be maintained a bit– divided and scootched over.

And likely, I’ll be growing kitchen herbs and lettuces there. I’m not entirely sure yet. For me, this space is an amalgam of my gardening tastes and styles. It will house kitchen herbs, teas, medicinals, perennials, annuals, and a few veggies. My goal is to develop the space into a beautiful space, “soul refreshing” haven.😉

I want to be able to utilize it as a prayer garden and do my morning prayer and devotional outside 3 of 4 seasons and always have something beautiful to look at that reminds me of my Creator.

I have a lot of area to develop so it’s an on going project for me. Imagine that- me, having an infinite project…

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