Family Worship

Our youngest son was dedicated to the Church on Sunday. It wasn’t a baptism; as Baptists, we believe that baptism is an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace to be chosen as an act of obedience and commitment to Christ by the believer. So, by God’s grace, Henrik will be led by the Holy Spirit to give his heart and life to God through Jesus Christ when he’s old enough to make that decision for himself.

What a dedication means is that we openly promise to raise our son in the Church according to the Bible and the Church comes along side us as parents and helps to raise, nurture, and love on our child. Each of our little ones have been dedicated to the Church in this way.

With this baby dedication, it was impressed heavily on my heart how important it is for us to worship as a family. I don’t mean only at church on Sundays. Family worship should be done on a daily basis as a family, uniting each member in Christ and teaching the children to read the Bible, pray, and sing hymns to the Lord.

Family worship is the difference between a nominal Christian family and a Christian family who has built relationships around Christ and worship that will act as a foundation in difficult circumstances; creating substantial faith the children see lived out in spiritual discipline.

Donald S. Whitney wrote on family worship and the need for it to be practiced and sustained in Christian families.

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