Garden Puttering

I always assumed old men puttered about in the garden. I found myself picking up the habit today.

I decided on a fall garden bed at least of some radishes and spinach. We’ll see how they do as they’re two of the crops I’ve never really had any luck with.

I planted some parsnips as well, along with green beans where the potatoes were. The way I figure, we have about 12 more weeks of growing season. The beans will be pushing it some, but they’re 10 weeks from seed to harvest so I think if weather cooperates and the Lord smiles down on us, we may get a good bit for canning.

I’m experimenting with cauliflower and shungiku. The cauliflower has already appeared to wither to nothing but the shungiku is still hanging on. I’m waiting for a good rain to see how they do, and the forecast is saying it will be about 4 days before rain is a possibility.

I may plant some more leaf lettuces once they finish going to seed. They occupy 6 weeks, so that should be plenty of time to bring in a decent amount.

That’s all we’ve got for now. Still trying to keep up with the peppers and squash preservation in the mean time.

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