I learned a powerful and beautiful lesson a few weeks back that I thought I would share.

My oldest son backed up our septic system by flushing a dog collar, underpants, and a wash cloth. That was a mess in itself. Then you add to that 3 fallen trees, old broken windows, and all the other repairs our ol’ place needs and I was just discouraged, and frustrated.

I kept hearing something though that got my attention.

Every single person who was contracted out to our place for repairs kept saying how beautiful it was.

I kept being told that out house was “a real showplace” and that it is “really gorgeous out here.”

I was a little confused. They’re out here cleaning sewage out of my basement,

laying traps for rodents that got in as the demo was happening, and giving estimates (all of which were astronomical) for clearing off the dead trees.

They’re looking at all this mess and seeing beauty… So why couldn’t I?

And then I got what God was saying to me. I heard the Lord say to me, “It’s not the mess they’re seeing; it’s not even the house– My Spirit lives here– I cover you in this place and My peace rests on it…

They’re seeing Me.”

And that knocked me right over.

Because my God is ever present. And His nature is beautiful, and good. And my quagmires can’t overshadow His goodness.

In this season of Thanksgiving, I praise God for blessing my family and I with such a beautiful place to live. And I see it that way now. I don’t love the 1970s green carpet. But I do love the One who provided me with a place to live. And I love the people he’s put in my household. And I love the salvation he’s given through His Son. And for all those reasons, I’m especially thankful this season.

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