Rushing Winter Prep

It. Is. Cold!

Last year we had a much more mild transition from fall to winter. This year, we had a ton of autumn rain and it snapped cold pretty quickly. I’m already having to break up frozen chicken water! Good grief. So much for living in the south.

Anyway, with all the rain, my husband’s crazy homework load, and our busy holiday schedule, it’s been challenging to get all the tasks done before the weather turned cold and wet. I’ve been racing the rain trying to get the terrace garden prepped. It had been too wet to mulch up the leaves with the riding mower until this week so the last two days during nap time, I’ve been getting that done. I have the center step and 1/2 the bottom step yet to do.

I’ve also been working on crochet projects. I hate working on hats and scarves in the middle of summer, but I’m thinking that’s when I’m going to have to begin my projects from now on. I just can’t keep up!

We’ve added bit by bit to our Christmas decorations. I got the stockings up, and hung some garlands with lights.

The chicken coop still needs to be boarded up on the back vent/window to hold more heat in. But otherwise, I think we’re getting closer to ready for snow, should it decide to snow here this year before January.

Incidentally, if anyone has a favorite beginner knitting sock pattern, favorite circular needles, favorite yarn, PLEASE let me know. I’m looking to get started on some boot socks for my dearest husband. His USMC issue socks have just about had all they’re going to take. I love the idea of making our own woolen clothing like sweaters and socks, but crochet is just so bulky and hot, and while it is cold here, it’s not quite Arctic enough for crocheted woolies.

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