Cleaning Day

If there’s one thing that is inescapably true of life with small children, it’s that there is always something that needs cleaning. Whether it’s laundry, floors, or the children themselves- there’s always something to be cleaned.

Today, I happened to look up at our light in the dining room and noticed the abysmal state of the ceiling fan and glass light covers. Eew. They were super grimy. So, I decided they needed cleaning.

Before, and after washing the light covers

The room actually seems brighter now, and I dusted the fan as well.

With a rabbit, a dog, and 5 humans, we kick up and cake on a lot of dust. Unfortunately, I don’t always make dusting a priority until I notice everyone’s allergies rearing their mucousy heads.

We’ve also been doing our Jesse Tree Advent count down.

I’ll be honest and tell you we were so busy the first 3 days this month that yesterday, we crammed 3 days in. We’re on track again today though, so there’s that.

Traditionally speaking, Tuesdays were my errand days and Wednesdays were my bathroom cleaning days, and Thursday was when I tackled the laundry…

That has gone by the wayside because things have a way of making themselves priorities regardless of my desired cleaning schedule. Baby has a blowout diaper on the bathroom rug, after painting himself with bananas at breakfast? I guess that makes it laundry day, bathroom day, and bath time all at once.

At least I managed to get out and feed the chickens and dog first thing this morning so I didn’t have animal chores hanging over my head as well.

I’ve also been working on de-cluttering the house. We were given some furniture by our next door neighbors. So, I’ve been trying to make sure it has a place to live and then get rid of the junky excess we tend to hang on to.

I had to clean up a side table yesterday which my daughter had graffitied on with hot pink sharpie. That consisted of acetone nail polish remover to get the marker off, which also took off the table finish in some places… So then the table top got sanded, and instead of refinishing it right now, I opted for boiled linseed oil until I can get around to redoing the whole thing. The old end tables went into the master bedroom to replace the Dollar tree specials we had from our first married days.

Old bedside tables
Replacement Semi-Refurbished bedside tables

Then the corner table our neighbors gave us took up residence in the living room.

Corner table

I would ultimately like to refinish all my wood furniture to the same color wood stain, but that’s not going to be a priority project for a good while. In the meantime, everything is a lot more functional, even if it’s not necessarily “pretty”.

I’ve also got a ton of plastic drawer organizers to use in my closet now since they were replaced by the chests of drawers in the kids’ rooms.

So now I just have to clean up my closet a bit and finish boxing up my maternity clothes…yes… Nine months postpartum and I still have out maternity clothes. Do they fit? Nope. I’m just a horribly disorganized person. Hence the extra effort to declutter and clean up.

Anyway, that’s what I’ll be working on today. Hopefully, I can get it nailed down before we have company (maybe) for Christmas.

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