No Harm in Farmin’: Shout Out!

I’m a dreamer. A dangerous pass time, I know.

But, I started thinking… The other day, my 3 year old said, “What are you doing thinking!?” I think he meant what do you think you’re doing, but the poignancy of his statement made me giggle…

…I started thinking, hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I had a hatchet for clearing this brush and start hedging?

And then I thought, hey, wouldn’t it be doubly cool if we had a bilhook like they used in the Tales of the Green Valley BBC series? I could give it to my husband as a Christmas gift!

And I thought still further, wouldn’t it be extra cool if it were a custom forged bilhook made by a fellow-homesteader and exceptional craftsman?

Then I decided to act on those ponderings and went over to Chad and Maria’s Etsy shop, No Harm in Farmin’.

Chad was kind enough to take on my project idea and suggest custom composite handles for durability and “gear accountability”.

It was so much fun seeing this idea flesh out into an actual project. Still cooler was the video his buddy made of him forging- incidentally, the project he’s working on in the video is the bilhook I custom ordered.

I’ve followed Chad and Maria’s blog for a while now and it is so neat to have a piece of craftsmanship that is the fruit of their creative efforts.

Thanks guys! My husband loved it!

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