Shaggy Maple Update

Hey Folks!

We have lots of new and exciting things coming down the pipe for 2019.

First, and most importantly, we’re having a series of 3 FREE workshops this summer on Back to Eden Gardening, Permaculture basics, and Sustainable Gardening.

One in May, one in June, and one in July.

Registrants can have their very own Shaggy Maple Homestead T-shirt on the day of the workshop with a $10 donation. (This is different than our SMH Tee in the Etsy shop)


Donations are not required to attend the workshops– we love sharing our knowledge for FREE! The donation simply helps support our homesteading endeavors, as well as snags you a pretty sweet tee… not to be confused with sweet tea, which is something else entirely.

Anyway, Check out the registration page for more info!

In the same vein, we have an “official” Shaggy Maple Tee listed in the Etsy shop! SMH Tshirt

Or, If you’re local to East Tennessee, feel free to download and share a flyer for our SMH Gardening Workshops 2019!

We’re gearing up for indoor seed starts and planning our gardens; Spring will be here before you know it!

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