Homestead Update

We have a whole lot of nothing going on today.

By that I mean lots of little mundane things, but nothing truly noteworthy.

Our temps are set to warm up pretty quickly so I’ll be getting out to prune the apple and nut trees today.

Last weekend we made some biochar which I will be adding to the “greens patch” of our garden. I also patched a hole in our bathroom door, and took off the broken towel bar from behind the door. Why it was ever put there I’ll never know, but I’m finding most things in this house that were done prior to our purchase of it were just completely illogical.

My husband was outside “puttering” (which is code for I’m not sure what he’s working on, but he’s doing something) as he is wont to do, and our next door neighbor happened to give him a set of dog irons, or andirons, for the fireplace!

husband of mine, cleaning up the dog irons

That was nice, and super cool. Because about two weekends ago, we finally had our fireplaces/chimneys inspected and cleaned. We still need to get some proper chimney caps (which may be my birthday gift to myself, because I really want a fire!) But once that happens, we’re all set to start burning!

Before and after cleaning

I’ve been working on templates for meal planning/grocery list digital downloads for the Etsy shop.

It’s designed after my preferred bullet journal list planning method and they’re intended to be used in conjunction with a standard size traveler’s notebook, although they can be printed and used as stand-alone booklets.

If anyone is interested in trying them out as a “beta test” before they hit the shop, let me know in the comments, include an email address where I can send the files!

In the trial, I’m looking for information on:

  • ease of use,
  • formatting,
  • clarity of print-out instructions, and
  • digital download versus physical product preference.

I have a series of posts coming soon on how I do meal planning and groceries, which will include more information on my planner templates, as well as a new page on the blog of my favorite meal planning resources.

Other than that, it’s waiting for spring planting to begin, making the very small seed order (compared to years past) and waiting out the rest of winter. Also, finding it hard to believe that my babiest baby is going to be a year old in 2 weeks.

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