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I reviewed my lab work with my physician and I’m relieved to say I don’t have lupus. Praise God. But, I did test positive for RA

So, the next step is to get in with a rheumatologist and do more detailed lab workups and then settle on a care plan to manage symptoms.

It’s not an ideal diagnosis, and it’s still a degenerative autoimmune disease…but I now know what I’m up against. My fatigue is explained, my achiness is explained, and now I can be proactive and get on with my life not wondering what horrible disease is lurking around the corner. It’s RA. And my God is bigger than it.

I’m just so relieved to finally have some answers. I need to get back into my low-impact workouts and keep my mobility up.

Have any of you ever dealt with autoimmunity/ RA? What is your experience?

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