Fun Work Day: Playground Phase 1

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

So as compensation for helping me re-mulch the back porch and pathway, I started building the kids’ playground area.

Initially I had thought about putting it out front, but after thinking things through, I decided building over where our water line comes into the house seemed like a bad choice.

So, it went out back. I wanted it visible from the house, out of the way of the goats’ future home, and in proximity to a picnic area.

Stage one is the tire row.

I dug trenches for and buried the old tires. Then I laid down some cardboard to keep weeds down until the area is “established”. Then, we all helped to mulch on top of the cardboard.

Of course, we stopped for a picnic lunch of turkey, cheese, and homemade pickles we made this past summer.

and I will pick up where we left off working while the babies nap.

We saved one tire for a swing, mostly because there’s a dead bird in it… That can be my husband’s contribution to the project- take care of that dead bird, will you, sweets?

Hopefully this will be one of those “done in one day” projects. I love those! The sheer joy the kids are already deriving from this is well worth the work of building it.

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