Fun Work Day: Playground Phase 2

I finished up the tire section of the playground while the babies napped.

Then we had a nice snack and watched Shawn the Sheep (I admit, I really love that show.)

Then I got started on phase 2, which is the balance beam… Which is a fancy term for “2×4 and some cinder blocks”

I dug and half buried the cinder blocks to keep them from being tipped over. And right now, the 2×4 is sitting on top of the 2 cinder blocks and fits perfectly in their little divets. It can be moved into the holes of the cinder blocks though for a lower height ideal for my younger two kiddos.

My oldest son seems to have inherited his father’s balance and agility, which is a huge relief… My daughter on the other hand… Let’s hope grace comes with age and she isn’t just stuck with my clumsiness.

In building this I dreamed up plans for edible flower/strawberry beds around the playground for mid-play munchables throughout the warm seasons.

The prayer garden is the next on the list, and likely would’ve come first if I had my wish, but I figured this way, the kids have someplace to play while I work on things outside. Win-win.

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