Seed Starts 2019

It’s time, it’s time!!!

Today, or actually Sunday, was my 8 weeks before last frost day. So I was waiting for my tomato and pepper seeds to arrive so I could get everybody started in time for transplanting in spring.

I knew we had a bunch of kids for a reason. My oldest wouldn’t nap today so he got to fill tiny pots with dirt.

He also moved the space heater into the laundry room and helped me plant.

Right now I have luffas that need to be peeled and processed taking up a bunch of space. But, once those are out of the way, I think I’ll have more space for flowers and herbs.

Im using a different table this year, I love it. It’s just a small folding table I got at Aldi for like $30. I needed something portable for farmer’s market and just to have handy.

As always, I planned for enough for our family and some “just in case” plants. I have 19 total tomato peat pots, 15 for the garden, 4 just in case-ers.

I narrowed to one variety this year- Bonnie Best from

Also started habeneros and jalepenos, basil, nasturtium, pansies, and hyssop.

Everything else, I think I’ll be able to direct sow. Until then, I’m getting excited for warmer weather and lower electric bills.

2 thoughts on “Seed Starts 2019

  1. Seed sowing is always great fun, filled with high hopes and visions of abundance. I’m concerned…your pots look very dry. Hope that potting soil was nice and moist, because those peat pots can wick moisture right out, especially if you don’t cover the pots with clear plastic wrap. If a seed gets moist, and then dries out, it often won’t germinate……crossing my fingers for you.


    1. Because of the humidity in our area, I’ve had mold issues in years past. I use my own compost as opposed to more commercial potting soil, with spectacular results, this will be my 2nd year. And we water from the bottom to encourage roots downward and minimize shock when they’re transplanted. In the picture, the dryness is because 1) I hadn’t yet watered. 2) my compost is extremely well-drained, so I do tend to water more frequently.


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