Rainy Day Work

I’m wondering if maybe I should start work on some canoes. We’ve had nothing but rain for weeks! We finally got a dry day today, but I’ll catch you up on all the rainy day work we got done.

For starters, the taxes are done. Thank the Lord! I hate tax time, and I’ve done our own taxes since my husband and I first graduated high school. Thankfully, there are far fewer W2s than when we were working multiple part time jobs through college.

Then, my darling husband did all our laundry. I mean all of it. The only articles of dirty clothing that remained were the clothes we were wearing… So we folded and put away that laundry, and now everyone knows where their socks and undies are.

My husband finished his homework. That is no small feat when it’s mostly systematic theology, with 3 small kids and working outside the home. He also bathed the dogs! Unfortunately the baths may have been a lost cause for cleanliness because of all the mud outside, but I feel good knowing we’re staying ahead of the fleas.

I finished all the dirty dishes! They had gotten ahead of me, again… It only takes one busy errand day and 3 meals to put me in over my head doing dishes for 4 hours. Seriously y’all, if we can swing it, that tax return is contributing a kitchen remodel.

In between rains, we took care of some burning, and got rid of the cardboard stash in the garage. Then my husband tidied up out there a bit. It was after bed time by the time he got done so my oldest didn’t see his Daddy’s work until he went in to feed the dogs the next morning. He said, “MOM!!! THIS GARAGE IS SO SURPRISING TO ME! I LOVE IT!”

Me too, little guy. Me too. Is there still clutter? Yeah, but now I can actually walk though the garage. Hooray, and good job, husband of mine. Hooray for teamwork on a rainy winter weekend.

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