Sufficient Grace

The past two days have been emotionally charged.

My 3-year-old niece, and 4-year-old nephew were riding in the car with their father when they were involved in a head-on collision.

Their car was flipped and landed in a ditch. My nephew slept through the entire incident, and praise God, he and his dad were discharged from the hospital with minor injuries. My niece however, when she was taken to the hospital, x-rays showed a serious fracture to her cervical vertebrae, C1, and C2 (Atlas and Axis).

She was then flown by helicopter to Riley’s children’s hospital in Indianapolis, where she received more comprehensive evaluation and treatment. An MRI revealed that the C2 vertebra was completely snapped in half and required surgery to repair.

The risks of surgery are nearly equal to the risks of no surgery in this case. The surgeons came and spoke with my sister, making her aware of possible risks and complications, everything from paralysis, to death.

This sweet little girl is as dear to me as my own children. And she’s in severe pain, and shock, and scared to death.

Athena has been in surgery since 10:35 this morning to insert screws and a bone graft to fuse the C1 and C2 vertebrae together. Even assuming there are no complications, her growth and mobility will likely never be the same. Healing and recovery is long, likely taking at least 3 months.

I know Who my God is. I know He is able. And I know that in all things, especially times like this when the whole family feels weak and incapable of doing anything for my niece, His grace is sufficient, because His power is perfected in weakness.

I pray for a flawless surgery with no complications and a miraculous healing. I pray for my sister, and Athena’s dad, that they’re covered by God’s grace and peace and divinely enabled to help their baby girl and care for her medical needs and expenses. Your prayers are greatly appreciated at this time, and I’ll update her progress as soon as I am able.
Come, Lord Jesus.

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