Monday, Fun Day

Okay, so weed-eating and mulching isn’t exactly fun… But guys!! Guys!!!!

It’s practically spring!

Look!! The daffodils are blooming! Finally! What feels like a forever-long winter is finally breaking into beauty and new life as Spring makes her long-awaited appearance.

Me and the Hubster had a conversation in the car last night. He got me some belated Valentine’s chocolate… because home-girl waits until that stuff goes on SALE! anybody feel me? Maybe it’s just me…

Anyway, I said to my amazing man, “See, aren’t you glad you have a woman with low-maintenance, practical expectations for this relationship?”

And he said, “Yeah, you don’t demand full-price chocolates or fancy dinners… I just have to buy you land and build you a homestead…”

…every girl has her foibles…

But he loves me so much, and knows me so well, he’s learned how to speak my language.

To the point that he’s entirely willing to haul 750 cubic feet (yeah, I did the math) of composted wood chip mulch into the garden so it’s ready for planting in a few more weeks. He’s not finished yet, but he’s able to do it much faster than me.

So I turned my attention to the potager.


I got out the weed eater and cut back the old grass, chop’n’drop style. It’s serving my purposes just fine acting as fertilizer and weed barrier.

After, newspaper phase

Then I layed a THICK layer of newspaper down, about 5-6 sheets thick. My oldest sprayed it down so it’d stay put- honestly, he just wanted to play with the hose, and it so happened it worked in my favor for him to do so, so win-win.

My littlest munchkin napped while my girl chilled in the backpack. Seriously, y’all- you want a good minimal thought workout, do your regular activities while wearing a 25lb toddler on your back. That’ll build stability!

So yeah, it’s work. And I’m absolutely exhausted now, but we had fun doing it, and we’ll reap the benefits this summer.

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