I have a list of individuals who inspire me. Either by their endeavors, beliefs, or character, these people motivate me toward pursuing excellence in my own life.

It doesn’t matter what your passions, goals, or skills– there is always going to be someone out there doing a better job. At the very least, they may be doing it differently with pleasing results. So I try to keep an open mind and learn everything I can from other people.

Shaye Elliott is one of my inspirational role models. When I grow up, I’d like to be like her. The way she sees beauty in the every day and does the absolute best she can in things as simple as making dinner for her family… Well, that’s why we do what we do, isn’t it? What’s the point of abundance and fruitfulness if you don’t do anything with it?

She inspired me to freshen up my potted plants.

The best part is, well there are two best parts…

The first best part is that I didn’t have to import my gorgeous moss. East Tennessee is technically classified as part of the Appalachian temperate rainforest. For me, that means it’s damp, humid, and I can grow my own moss.

The second best part is I got to play in the dirt and get the kiddos involved. At one point, my son reprimanded my daughter for spilling several handfuls of soil. To which she replied, “It’s okay, that’s part of the fun!”

Yes, sweet girl, it is part of the fun… And the reason I need a vacuum.

It was also nice to see the success we’ve had with aloe vera pups. We repotted a few, and freshened up the potting soil (which is my own sifted compost, and it feels really good to have gone beyond purchasing bagged soil.)

The end result?

Pretty plants with fresh life to tide us over through the rest of this wintery cold as March brings the promise of spring.

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