A Little Glimpse of Home

Man, I am so thankful for the blog format of mass communication because I can get real with y’all without you seeing my ugly cry face.

Guys, it’s cold right now. Like, walk outside and your eyes and nose hurt cold. I moved south to avoid that nonsense, but I suppose I’m also thankful for seasons….even if East Tennessee Autumn is only 30 minutes long at the beginning of November.

But as I was standing at my kitchen sink washing the dishes, I was suddenly struck with the urge to be outside. I wanted to be with my chickens, I wanted to walk through the gardens and just be outside in nature. So I finished rinsing the dish in my hand, bundled up and grabbed a cup of coffee and went out with Cyd and Flynn. And it was actually snowing. Snow in March ain’t no thing for someone who grew up in the Midwest, but I was still surprised by it.

But it was beautiful!

And it made my eyes well up with tears.

And I walked on a little further toward the chickens and they were singing egg songs. And as I collected the 8 eggs they had laid for me, I looked at them and they were beautiful! These beautifully feathered creatures make food for me. And again, my eyes welled up with tears.


So I walked back toward the house and gazed at the potager on my way past, and I noticed something…

The peonies I had transplanted in July had sprouted! They lived!!! They’re my absolute favorites, next to orchids.

(c) Shaggy Maple Homestead 2018

And then I couldn’t take all the winning any more and I finally cried.

All this beauty surrounds me. All that we’ve worked to grow and build and create here- it’s a reflection of our God and Creator. It’s a tiny, fragmented glimpse of the glory of Yahweh God; a sliver of a peek at what it’s going to be like at Abba’s house. And guys- I can’t wait.

Photo by Brenda Timmermans on Pexels.com

This place is nice. And God graciously gives us the opportunity to manage and work this land and establish our homestead gardens. But, man, am I excited to go home home.

One day.

Come, Lord Jesus!

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