Irish (food) Week!

It started out as a way for my mother-in-law to do a left over make over turning what was left of the corned beef into shepherd’s pie.

That turned into a bit of a family tradition of eating exclusively Irish (or Irishy) fare the week leading to St. Patrick’s Day in celebration of our family’s Irish ancestral heritage.

I’m not entirely certain how authentically Irish my meals actually are after all the substitutions for allergies… I mean, can you even call it Irish soda bread if it’s made with African kamut grain? These are the kinds of things that keep me up at night.

In any case, we started early this year… because I forgot to thaw the pork roast… and I had a hankering for some Dublin coddle. And what’s wrong with a week and a half of Irish food!? Nothing! It’s delicious!

And I always try to be sensitive to the fact that my husband can eat “normal person” food so he gets legitimate soda bread with regular flour…and then I scour my kitchen to prevent cross contamination. Sometimes I wonder if he realizes how much I love him.

I have to say, it turned out the best it ever has to date!

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