Work Day!

Oh, gracious…

It’s been a nice, but exhausting weekend. Frankly, I woke up this morning already ready for my afternoon nap.

But, there’s work to be done!

I have a ton of luffas that need processing, seedlings to be thinned, chickens to be fed, and I’m hoping to get some garden paths built.

I was so sore after trimming the hedges that I decided the next time they need trimmed, I’m just going to have my husband remove them entirely. Good grief! I’m still not 100% back to normal. But it does look nicer.

We ordered our bees, locally this year, in hopes to avoid some of the pitfalls of last time. Unfortunately our first experience with bees resulted in a lot of data filed away in the “oh, crap…guess I won’t do that again” folder of my brain.

Hopefully having the hive prepared ahead of time in a better location and with more knowledge and less fear will help that go more smoothly.

And I did it- I planted our first greens well before the last frost. Maybe I’m insane, but I’ve never had luck with spinach or other cool weather crops so I just decided to go for it.

Worst case scenario- I’m out $2 worth of seeds.

I am in love with the curved rows. I fought them so hard the first year, I just wanted straight lines!!!

But you know what, I’m really digging the curvy beds, and I love that they follow the contour without me having done that on purpose. It’s just supposed to be that way. And it’s really astheticly pleasing.

I put in a box of Bloomsdale spinach, shungiku, 2 half rows of romaine, a half row of Swiss chard, and a row of strawberry spinach.

Look how tiny these seeds are!?!? I couldn’t even see where they landed as I was planting them.

Notice anything else peculiar?

Yeah… I said I was going to plant green beans in this whole bed to fix nitrogen… Woops. I suppose if nothing comes up, I’ll pop the beans in there. Or, you know, just put them in the bed I said I was going to plant greens in.

I still need to finish the wattle trellises for the peas, and decide where I want the pole beans and, later on, cherry tomatoes to live in the potager this summer.

But look what else I’ve got to get started:

Are these black hollyhocks not utterly stunning!? They won’t bloom until next season, but I’m excited nonetheless.

I have to decide where they’re going to live. I’m thinking right near the driveway entrance, to be eye-catching and really draw you in.

I also have a ton of wildflowers this year for pollinators. Hopefully the bees will appreciate it and reward us with tons of honey.

The chickens have also been working hard!

Nice work, ladies! Keep those wonderful eggs coming!

I’m so excited! This is one of my favorite times of year.

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