Spiritual Warfare

It has been a MONTH! I tell you!

Not only have my husband and I been striving to lean into Christ more than usual, we’ve faced opposition at almost every turn!

We traded vehicles to significantly reduce our car loan debt. And it’s like all the spiritual forces od wickedness decided to lay into us because of that decision to pursue Christ and God’s will for our finances.

First, this happened:

Then, This happened:

And it was just one thing after another! And on top of all that, everyone’s shoes are wearing out, clothes are being grown out of, and I had to get a replacement pressure gauge for my canner…thanks, children… (That’s called textual sarcasm, by the way.)

Add to that allllllllll the dramas of any imaginable kind laying hold at once, reconciliation after reconciliation, apology after apology- and folks, I pride myself on not being at odds with people! But geez

It was absolutely exhausting, mentally and emotionally.

Today though… Today, the spiritual tank got filled.

A new friend invited me to a women’s Bible study at her church, which incidentally is only 6 miles from my house.

I had barely walked in the doors, bracing myself for awkward introductions and fussy children to be dropped off. But it wasn’t like that at all.

I was welcomed, by name, as soon as I was in the building! The group of women I met today, along with my friend, was one of the most spiritually mature, welcoming, genuine, and prayerful groups of women I’ve encountered in my life. It felt like sitting in a room of extended family!

I have been praying for months for a group of genuine friends to encourage and uplift, and to hold me accountable in my faith, marriage, and parenting, and for whom I can do the same; to really develop relationships and pour into other people. I think today the Lord answered that prayer.

It goes to show that with persistence in prayer through the spiritual lows, God is faithful to bring you through to blessing on the other side.

What a blessing it was!

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