Getting Ready for Spring!

I did some more prep work in the garden. Finished up the wattle trellises for the peas, so it’s ready to go when I direct sow the peas in a few weeks. I like it; wattling is cathartic and the end result is quaint and rustic. I know I’ve already mentioned it, but it reminds me of old English gardens.

Today, the kids helped me re-mulch the back porch area and freshen up around the rose bushes.

We dug out some stubborn weeds, and just turned them over to feed the roses.

Then we started carting mulch. That is such a brutal chore. But, it’s so worth it in the end when I have minimal weeding and watering to do.

Then I went to the basement and brought up a table to turn into my outdoor wash sink/ potting bench. There’s more to come on that project. I plan on using the old stainless steel sink we took out of the kitchen a couple years ago, and running the drainage into some kind of gray water/filter tub something… Idk. The thought is still in infancy.

But the next step is to paint the table– you guessed it– the slightly offensive shade of mauve/raspberry purple. It’s our hallmark.

Because then it will look less like a junky old work bench, and more like an intentional piece of outdoor equipment with a pop of color that ties into our whole SMH theme.

Hopefully it helps me find homes for all the junk we have to keep out there– brushes for compost pick up bins, cleaning stuff for chicken waterer, gardening tools, seedlings, pots, etc.

That’s probably all on that project today as I have gotten behind on the dishes…surprise… The bane of my existence. Once we finish this debt snowball, Mama’s getting a new kitchen with a dishwasher!!!

And, you know… Fixing the hole in my dining room ceiling.

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