Planting Today!

I’ve waited through this seemingly unbearably long winter for this day- Planting Day!!!

This morning, the kids came out with me to do some farm chores; washing out compost bins, watering the chickens, weeding the gardens, etc.

Then they helped me plant our pole beans.

My plan for nap time is to get the bush beans planted, sow some herbs, and re-plant peas… My oldest may have left the back door of the coop open allowing the chickens to feast on my pea seed… Good thing I have some extra seed.

My romaine lettuce is up, I have a tiny bit of spinach up, and a few Swiss chard seedlings up. I haven’t seen much out of the strawberry spinach I planted, but we’ll wait a bit more before I discount it.

If it doesn’t pan out, I’ve got some beets and raddish to plant.

This is my most favorite time of year! Playing in the dirt, and growing food and memories with my Littles 😍

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