What have I been doing!?

Spring is one of my busiest times of year, second only to fall harvest time- harvesting, canning, preserving, storing, etc.

So I’ve been planting, and getting seeds in the ground.

Got the front landscaping tidied up

The Asparagus crowns arrived last week. So they went to live in the perennial bed with the strawberries. I companion planted some borage to draw pollinators as well.

For funsies, check out the soil in the perennial bed as compared to just outside it

Inside the perennial bed
Outside the perennial bed

And we’ve got signs of life in all our fruit trees!

Those are little baby peaches! Or nectarines-I can’t remember which tree I put where. I suppose we’ll see. I’m super busy excited though!

And our cherry cuttings are looking awesome!

We decided to get rid of one of our 2 apple trees in favor of one that is more disease resistant and suited to our area. So, we’re cutting down the weak one, and replacing it with 3 others that are all supposed to pollinate each other; Liberty, Goldrush, and Sundance.

We got some fallen trees cut up and out of the way; still a few more to go.

And Saturday, we planted 2 hybrid grape vines. They’re table grapes crossed with muscadines. They’re an ever-fruiting variety, and super unique, but hopefully just right for us.

We also layed an Osage hedge where we want to separate back yard from pasture.

We ran out of slurry about 10′ short of what we estimated, but that means we have a year to see how it works before we fill in the rest, or decide to put a gate there, or whatever.

Oh- and it was our 9th wedding anniversary on Sunday the 7th

We celebrated with the kids via homemade marshmallows, and a hike at our local state park, then after the littles went to bed, we ordered take out for just the two of us. It was a nice weekend, and filled with special things.

So we’ve been extra busy, and it is not looking like it’s going to slow down anytime soon.

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