Swale Footbridge

I choose the oddest times to start projects… Like on one of the busiest weeks of the year- Holy Week…

Not only do I have family coming in this weekend, but I have like 3 extra trips into Knoxville for church activities, and a grocery run to make, and all the usual homeschooling and child rearing to do.

And yet, somehow, it struck my fancy to get going on the swale footbridge. Honestly, this is a project that is only a priority out of convenience. It’s really a hassle to have to walk aaaaall the way around the garden, and aaaaall the way around the swale just to get from the terrace beds to the chicken coop/run.

Not to mention checking on the grape vines. So it’s just time to save myself some time and hassle. Time is money, after all, and my greatest commodity.

I went through and found enough scrap wood to build the frame and about 1/2 the bridge length, which meant the project would only cost me about $15-$20 in what I lack in lumber. Yay!… But wait, it gets better.

I was reminded of the copious amounts of barn wood my husband brought home and it would be perfect for the footbridge planks! So double yay- I’m able to complete the project for (as my husband says,) $Free.ninety-free.

I love that my man trusts my judgment and basically gives me free reign on stuff like this.

So I’ll be finishing that up this afternoon and evening, and hopefully it becomes a little faster and more convenient to putter about in the gardens. I’m excited for my Mr. to see it completed!

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