On Days When You Don’t Like Your Kids…

Every mom has been there… If she says she hasn’t, she’s lying.

I love my children. I’d take a bullet for them, no questions. But there are days when I really just don’t like them.

My oldest is 3. That should be enough said. Honestly, 3 has been worse than two by far. Terrible 2’s? Huh uh. Nope. Terrible 3’s.

He began the day by blasting his bedroom door down (that’s what it sounded like) and shouting his siblings awake.

He followed up breakfast with a few tantrums and filled his own boots with water and then cried because they were wet.

Then he refused to eat lunch– no sweat off my back, if you choose to be hungry even when you’re given food, that’s your own problem– and was disciplined 3 times for failing to follow simple instructions- put your underwear in the drawer, something he does on his own all the time.

So I love my son, unconditionally. But there are some days when he grates on my patience; I’ve reached my maximum of tolerance for deliberate disobedience, and I don’t really feel like spending any more time around him.

And that’s a lot like how I am with God. I whine a lot, I don’t do what He tells me to, I try to skate by doing the bare minimum, and sometimes I just tantrum.

But God doesn’t run out of patience, compassion, or grace. He IS those things; they’re essential to His character.

And that’s how I cope on days when I really would rather just lock the kids outside all day- I lean in hard to my Lord and trust that He has enough grace and compassion to replenish my stores when I’m depleted. I return to his Word and draw encouragement and strength, remembering that I have the Holy Spirit within me- literally, God with me; God IN me. I remember that it’s my responsibility to show Christ to my kids and create an environment conducive to the Holy Spirit working in them. And that sustains me on the tough days.

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