Disappointment on the Homestead

Well, today was a bust.

Not only was it rainy and dreary, but no one came to our workshop today.

Which is just as well because my daughter ran a fever (likely due to seasonal allergies) and wasn’t feeling well. And the garden needed the rain, so I guess all is not totally lost.

It was disappointing though. I’m going to change a few things for the next workshops and hope for the best.

Also on the list of disappointments is that the cherry cuttings that had leafed out and given us hope have also died. As well as 2 of the 3 new apple trees we planted. I’m going to inquire about replacing or refunding them. Bummer.

I guess you have those “flop” days now and again. Since my girl was feeling sickish anyway, I suppose I’m thankful for a low key day reading Wind in the Willows.

I try to take every misadventure as a lesson and learn what I can do better the next time. So, I’ve decided that our workshops will be free of charge. Really, I could always use the extra cash, but I’m mostly concerned with disseminating information and people ‘s “seeing is believing” when they visit our gardens. I don’t want cost to be a factor, and I’ve learned so much from other people generously giving. So that’s what we’ll do.

I’ll tell a brief story, because I hate to end on a discouraging note…

A few weeks ago, I sold some hosta splits to a lady. The sale went so smoothly, and the technical aspects of it so flawlessly, that I couldn’t help but feel joy at succeeding in doing what I love.

But what really got me, right in the feels was when she came by for pick up, she got out of he vehicle and walked over to me as I held her tray of plants and she said, “Oh, they’re so beautiful! They’re perfect, thank you so much!”

And I could have cried right there.

That’s why I do what I do– because I love it. I love growing beautiful things. I love sharing those beautiful things with other people. I love being able to make a little money doing what I’m passionate about! And I love love love when the fruits of my efforts are received with joy and excitement.

That’s the experience I draw on when I have disappointing days. You can’t win ’em all, but I can keep trying.

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