English Paper Piecing

I stumbled across English Paper Piecing (henceforth referred to as EPP) last winter as I was feverishly crocheting Christmas ornaments for Christmas gifts. I thought to myself, “That would be a much more productive use of my time and scrap fabric than what I’ve got going on now.”

Except then Christmas happened, and life happened, and I’m just now getting to my EPP.

It really is simple. Time consuming, but simple. I used a hexagonal pattern which I found online and printed. Once I had them cut out, I set about folding all the fabric around them to make “hexies” as I’ve seen them called.

I had managed about 8 hexies, and was beginning to piece them together, and then my 15 month old ate one… Or, tried to eat one. So now I have a wet, slimy, hexie that probably needs redone. Eew.

Anyway, it’s relaxing enough, for me, more so than knitting. I think because I can see visual progress quickly. That and I’ve been sewing a lot longer than I’ve been knitting, so I can turn on the autopilot for basting and whip stitches.

So far, so good! Maybe one day I’ll have enough for a quilt 😉

Not bad for a 2 hour nap time project!

2 thoughts on “English Paper Piecing

  1. I love EPP! It is fun and portable. We have a quilt we are doing with 1-inch hexies that will probably not be finished until I am long gone. But it is fun, and it includes fabric and sewing from my daughters, myself, my mom, my grandmother, and my great grandmother. So it is a very special multi-generational quilt.

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    1. That is so cool. Definitely something that will be appreciated now and in the future. I so wish I had more family heirlooms that captured the history of generations past.

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