Transitioning to Stainless Steel

Let’s go way on back to 2010…

My husband and I got married that April, on a Wednesday morning, at the county courthouse. No, it wasn’t a shotgun wedding, we just really wanted to be married, and unfortunate family circumstances led to us choosing super low-key elopement over the formal church wedding I had spent 6 months planning.

Our family and friends were very generous and gifted us with the basics we needed to make it as a 19-year-old newlywed couple, out on our own.

Fast forward to now, it’s been 9 crazy years, 7 moves, and 3 kids later. Needless to say, there is a lot of our stuff that needs replacing. So for mother’s day, my wonderful husband let me choose new dishes!

I went with stainless steel for a variety of reasons. Here are my top 10.




4) Good-bye, plastics and BPAs- smelly, slimy feeling, nastiness.

5) they are easy to wash and clean

6) did I mention they’re super shiny?

7) I chose them for myself.

8) Uniformity, and downsizing from the hodgepodge of mismatched dish sets.

9) All the reasons Rebecca Rhodes gives for using stainless steel.

10) I’m in the kitchen cooking from scratch 75% of the day; I want to have things I like and use in my kitchen and less of the stuff that drives me crazy.

I got the Melissa and Doug brand toddler utensils. There are 4 of each piece and a wire storage rack for them.

In addition to those, there were 6 smallish forks and 6 smallish spoons that came with the larger set I ordered on Amazon, so we have plenty of spares.

The larger dish set I ordered on Amazon is Royal Sapphire brand. It serves 6, and came with cups, two larger bowls with lids, 6 plates, 6 dessert bowls, and 6 teeny tiny bowls I’m not certain of their use, buy which I’ll use for toddler snacks or baby food.

And now, I’ll have no more of this:

Or this:

Or this or this:

And finally, no more of this!


I seem nitpicky, I know, but that’s only because I threw away the worst pieces before I got pictures of them. I have the hardest time tolerating chewed up plastic things… I can’t get rid of the mental image of all the bacteria and germs lurking in the crevices and cracks… *Shivers* you just can’t get that clean!!

So even though my 4 year old still tries to paint the table with cheddar cheese…

…at least I know the dishes will be clean and not have shards of shredded plastics being eaten as well…

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