Prayer Garden Progress

This afternoon I finished up the first section of the prayer garden.

The focal point will of course be my lovely peonies. Alongside them, between the peonies and the rock border, I planted some Columbine (which hasn’t sprouted yet). I think the blue-green foliage will be really complimentary, and hopefully, they’ll flower beautifully the second year.

On the inside (un-rocked area) I planted 3 baby hostas to be low-growing shade loving accents. The center of the bed is still a forsythia, which should come back next spring after having been dramatically cut back and reduced from it’s overgrown, unattractive prior state.

I’m pleased with this section and I think it was a good starting point as it saw progression quickly and was therefore gratifying to work on.

This is the entirety of my prayer garden area

The next phase will be to clean out, open up, and thin out the tulips, irises, and lilacs in the second perennial bed (circled in purple).

After that, I’d like to lay some footpaths, either in pea gravel or wood chips (probably wood chips)

And then, we’ll build a few rustic benches. Or maybe benches and then paths? Who knows.

And I absolutely would adore some kind of central water feature like a teeny koi pond, or fountain, or something like that- you know, an excuse for me to get some ducks. 😄

For now, it’s just one step at a time.

3 thoughts on “Prayer Garden Progress

    1. Thanks! I have big dreams, and slightly less big ability to put them into practical application, so I keep the goal in the forefront so I have something to work towards! 😄

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