Prayer Garden Progress

I shared a bit about my start on the prayer garden a couple days ago. We started with yanking out an overgrown forsythia. Actually, we only dramatically cut it back and dug out random suckers, so it’ll come back, but on our terms now.

We (me and the older two kids) pulled out the Virginia creeper that had threatened to choke out my precious peonies. Then we finished moving all the scrap cuttings down to the burn pile, and we salvaged some lilac plants we’ll be moving to be focal points around the other prayer garden areas.

My daughter has already noticed how conducive the area is for pondering life’s deepest questions.

Once we had the scrub cleared out of the bed, I raked smooth the dirt and leveled it out some. Then me and my oldest boy started carting woodchips over.

I’m liking the way it’s looking so far; I added my extra hostas along the inside and I think that’ll look really nice.

We’ll keep doing a little each day until it’s how we want it. šŸ˜Š

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