Baby #4 update

Oh this child… It had better be exceptionally cute because this around the clock nausea is ridiculous.

Then there’s that awkward moment when your due date is moved forward by a MONTH! WHAT!?!?

Here I am, plugging along planning for a January baby and I’m told it’s official due date is now before Christmas!!!

Well that just made me a pessimist today… 1) I do NOT wanna get roped into playing Mary at our church’s Christmas cantata. Either 9 months pregnant or newly post-partum- either way- no thanks.

2) I’m not traveling for Thanksgiving/Christmas. I’m also sketchy on hosting either… Although, I would be more inclined to host Thanksgiving than Christmas with a new born. I did that the Thanksgiving after my daughter was born, and I felt like a lunatic, sobbing and hormonal, and still pretty sore.

I think a nice, quiet, low-stress holiday season is in order… And unlikely. But hey, I’m gonna dream.

3) I have 4 less weeks than I thought to plan baby things- stock diapers, ready rooms/sleeping arrangements, get clothes sorted, save for time off work for my husband so he can be with me and the babies… I’m freaking out a little.

I’m not ready for this baby… C’mon lady, get it together! I can do this… WE can do this.

And God knows the end from the beginning, so I trust Him to carry us through this chaotic process.

In the meantime, I’m going to stuff my face full of quick carbs to keep the vomit at bay… Counterintuitive, I know, but it’s all that works. So much for only gaining 25lbs this pregnancy…I had to stifle a laugh at that recommendation from my NP.

Yes! 25 lbs… And I’ll call the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny later and let them know we’re still on for our fantastic unicorn ride across the Middle-earth countryside.

Here’s to making it through the next 6 months with as much grace as possible.

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