Things My Kids Do

My kids are funny. Most of the time, I'm the only one who thinks so. But they don't always realize why. For example, my oldest and his sister have started this thing where they're a different animal each morning. Today, they finished their lunch before I did and as I was taking a bite, I … Continue reading Things My Kids Do


Baby #4 update

Oh this child... It had better be exceptionally cute because this around the clock nausea is ridiculous. Then there's that awkward moment when your due date is moved forward by a MONTH! WHAT!?!? Here I am, plugging along planning for a January baby and I'm told it's official due date is now before Christmas!!! Well … Continue reading Baby #4 update


So, I usually blog about things that matter deeply to me regarding faith, family, farming, alliteration... But tonight, I have to get emotional and girly because my husband is not grasping the gravity of the situation...his words, not mine. I got on Amazon to reorder some Soap & Glory Girligo moisturizing body mist... And the … Continue reading Discontinued!?

When my Faith Feels Hypocritical

I have to admit defeat and confess my weaknesses. Today I sucked at being a compassionate mom. The only boast I have in my parenting after today is that I kept my kids alive. (Joking, I'm joking... Well sort of...) I had a prenatal appointment that was rescheduled from my last terrible, horrible, no good, … Continue reading When my Faith Feels Hypocritical

What’s the Deal with Potty Training?

I have always wondered why there are so many resources for new parents but so few for parents of young children and teens. For example, there are classes on breastfeeding, carseats, infant hygiene, introducing siblings, etc... But very little information on things like how to respond to disobedience in your toddler, or behavioral management that … Continue reading What’s the Deal with Potty Training?

I’m Not Judging You…

Ugh... my top 3 least favorite phrases in circulation right now are, "don't judge," "you do you," and any form of "body positivity." I'll tackle them one at a time. "Don't judge!" A favorite of Christians and non-Christians alike. What they actually mean is, don't tell me I'm wrong, don't disagree with my opinion, and … Continue reading I’m Not Judging You…

Myths of Mom-dom

Unicorns. Leprechauns. Krakens. Loch Ness monster. Sleep training. All of these things are mythical figments of someone's imagination. There are so many things I expected out of parenthood, like, for my kid to be as awesome and also awkwardly weird as I am. Or for him to look a little bit like me. Or to … Continue reading Myths of Mom-dom

Apple Juice, Blanket Forts, and Coloring Books

One of my biggest assumptions in being a parent was that I really needed to grow up before I brought a child into the world. Sitting on my couch in my Snuggie™ coloring in a Disney coloring book with my box of 164 crayons, drinking a glass of apple juice, I told myself, "wow, you're … Continue reading Apple Juice, Blanket Forts, and Coloring Books