Barn wood Bookshelf

I finally got done with the new bookshelf!


This is legit barn wood… my husband helped take it off the barn, or tore down the barn, or something like that. Anyway, it came from a barn, I’m not a hipster; I just appreciate free materials.

First I cut and sanded all my pieces

My oldest helped with the sanding.

And then the pieces sat in the entryway for like 2 weeks until I had time to mess with it.

And our books were EVERYWHERE!!! and I hate clutter. The living room looked like an episode of hoarders. Eew.

So I finally got the pieces screwed together a couple days ago, and I decided to leave off the topmost shelf piece for a few reasons.

  1. I have a lot of tall binders/reference books that wouldn’t have fit on the shelf.
  2. It enables me to leave my wall hangings where they are.
  3. I have the board should I ever need more shelf space, so no big deal.

But I like the way it came together, and I still have some vacant shelf space! That’s a novelty around here.

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