Crazy Busy!

Good Monday morning!

And good grief!

I was up at 6am only to realize my 4 year old beat me to the kitchen, where he had already made the coffee, and gotten out the milk.

I found out later he’d tried to start the day at 4am, but my husband put him back to bed… And again at 5.

We have a visual alarm clock for him but apparently he doesn’t pay much attention to it.

Then at 7, I went to wake the younger two kiddos only to discover the 1 year old had blown out his diaper… Hard core. It was just… Everywhere. And he required a bath, and those offensive sheets merited a soak cycle in the wash.

My husband got breakfast while I handled the youngest, and once everyone was cleaned up, we had some freeplay and then read some Raggedy Ann stories.

I cancelled my follow up with the rhumatologist for tomorrow, because…well, they didn’t even run tests last time, so what is there to follow up on?

Then I noticed that there was an order on Etsy that still said it was outstanding and hadn’t been shipped… Except it had been, a month ago. So I had to do some follow up and make sure that went well.

We squeezed in some letter and number learning before lunch, and honestly, I’m looking forward to their nap time today- Mama needs a break.

We do have a lot going on at the moment, and thank goodness my husband isn’t also in classes this summer, so that has been a nice break for him until the fall.

We’re waiting to hear from a couple churches following some interviews and to get their timelines so we can make a prayerful decision. It is going to be really difficult to leave our home church- they’ve been family since we moved to Tennessee 5 years ago, and they’re 90% of the people we know here. That said, I know my husband is looking forward to the next phase of his ministry career and we’re all excited to see how God will use us.

In the meantime, we’re trying to remember that God is still in control and working. We need to seek Him and be quiet enough to hear Him when He speaks.

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