Sewing Things

I’ve been scheduling leisure into my day; taking a page from my husband’s book. Does that mean my inner perfectionist feels like that means neglecting things that could be more productive? Yes.

Do I usually end up physically ill before I take me time? Yes.

So fine. I’ve had enough feeling like garbage, and all work and no play makes mom a — well we won’t get into that right now…

That said, my husband treated me to something nice.

His exact words were “I want you to choose something fun and frivolous that’s just for you, and spend a chunk of change on it.”

My first thought was, Goats!!

No, we need fencing first…


No, too practical…

Gas powered weed eater!!!

Yes!!! Except that can come out of our homestead profits and is for all intents and purposes, a business expense. So he said, “sure, but that doesn’t count. Neither does stuff for the new baby.”

So then I thought, okay, small kitchen appliances? Nah… I don’t have the storage space.

Jewelry? I wear silicone rings in place of my diamond wedding set already… Jewelry isn’t practical. It’s pretty, but impractical. And I’m a practical gal.

I know!!! A new sewing machine! And fabric!!! And ALL THE PATTERNS!!!

So that’s what I did.

And despite it’s sketchy shipping,

It all seems to work correctly. And I love it.

It’s so quiet!!!

The one I’ve been using can’t really be used once the kids are sleeping. And technically, it’s an antique and family heirloom from my husband’s grandmother so I really don’t want to run it into oblivion; I use it enough to keep it maintained and functional.

It was fun to experiment with the 60 different stitches the new machine can do. And I enjoyed the speed of a self-threading needle and a top loading bobbin case. Wow. I’ve just been in awe of that technology. Yes, I’m easily amused. And it took the 45 minutes of troubleshooting out of my sewing equation!

Baby burp cloths- available in the Etsy shop!


I’ve been alternating between sewing and knitting as my leisure activities and I have to say, this scheduled, intentional leisure time has made me a lot less edgy and I actually enjoy my time with the kids more because I’m not stressing over the urgent tasks… Well, not as much. I’m still working on it and pregnancy hormones this time around have been a doozy… My brain is starting to feel a little more normal now… But that’ll go out the window after delivery. I’m enjoying the “now” though. Makin’ it count!

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