Farmhouse Renovations Progress

Busy, busy, busy!

We’ve been cleaning, and repairing, and updating like crazy!

We got the barn wood plank wall up, and I started filling the seams with joint compound.

I had the idea to pipe it in like frosting and then smooth it with a little bitty putty knife, which worked exactly as easily as I had planned. Huzzah! That never happens.

But both are shaping up and looking good!

The front door is ready for me to cut an put up the new brick mould. I’d like to paint it a slightly garish shade of blue, because…why not? I’m the only one who sees it anyway and I may as well love it.

Between the front door, and the plank wall, I’ve burned through a 12 pound bucket of joint compound. Time for another hardware store run.

Speaking of burning through things, my husband picked up a weeding torch. I’m both terrified and ecstatic to use it. We’re going to clean up around some of the weeds that have taken over the driveway and landscaping areas.

And now I’m going to be that person everyone hates when they give the project cost…

Because of the free-ness of the barn wood, the left over decking screws and tar paper, we’ve completed this project for the cost of the insulation and joint compound; around $100- $150.

Not bad for an “on a budget DIY.”

The floor was finished for the cost of glue, polyurethane, and craft paper, which came to about $120 for about 144 ft². That’s less than 85¢ per square foot.

The floor is “temporary” and was done mostly to rid the house of allergens before Baby #4’s arrival in January. Long term we want hardwood throughout, but that can wait until we can do it right, and do it debt-free.

I’m so pleased with how this “facelift” is coming together, and I love even more that my home smells like whatever I’ve been cooking,

or whichever candle I’ve had lit.

It finally is starting to feel like my own space. One little bit at a time.

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