Farmhouse Renovations Continued

This series of projects that has hit us in quick succession has been draining for me. Not because I’ve been doing a lot of work, because I haven’t been. But the clutter of mid-project work is just overwhelming for me; it heightens my anxiety because nothing is where it should be.

The dining room floor is finished, save for some caulking around the edges and perhaps some baseboard molding.

We’ve made progress on the wall, thanks to my husband, his dad, and my stepdad. The roof will be next! Once the new roof is on, we’ll finish up the interior ceiling.

I’m going to do some asthetic touches once the structure is up, but that’s the “me” expertise, and the construction has to come first.

While the guys have been doing that, I did some weeding around the house, and did some work on the front door were the dogs had scratched it all to pieces.

We got some new brick moulding and will be putting that up once I get the joint compound dry, sanded, and painted.

Long term, I want a new door, but “clean” will do for now.

I also cleaned up the back porch and the garage.

Much more organization. Which is fabulous.

We’re still in progress but I’ll post pictures once it’s all completed.

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