How Deep the Father’s Love

Today was good. Saw a good friend, the kids played, she brought me cupcakes, complimented me on my freshly acquired motherly figure (and I hers, because our due dates are like 5 days apart 🤣) y’all, everybody needs a friend like that. She refreshes my soul, and I hope I do the same for her. Lord willing!

Anyway, I was putting the kids to nap and anticipating those chocolate wonder bombs and reading Ezekiel and at first, I was super confused with the prophet’s description of the cherubim, the glory of God, and all that prophetic language… Which got me thinkin’

God is SO holy, SO inexpressibly beautiful, SO glorious and wonderous to behold, that our attempts to describe Him fall SO short, they’re often confusing, weird, and a little flat. I read the first few chapters and said, “Well, okay then… Sure. I’ll take your word for it, Ezekiel.”

But that led to one of the deepest and most worshipful times of prayer I’ve had in a hot minute. Coming away from God’s Word just like,

“Wow… And yet He chose to save me?…why!?!?”

Because He is good; better than I can comprehend. His love exceeds my wildest imaginings, and the depth of His grace to me is incomprehensible. Praise be to God!

Then I got a text from my husband. (For whom I spent much of the wee hours praying for because, if I’m not gonna get any sleep, may as well make use of the time, right?) He said something to the effect of “Mary had a Little Lamb” intersperses phrase for phase with “How Deep the Father’s Love.”

Much like the beginning of my time spent in Ezekiel, I was confused. He many times hears music in ways most people can’t, and I thought, boo. He mashed up one of my favorites with one of the most annoying nursery rhymes in my children’s repertoire… 😕

But then, he explained.

“No there’s something in that, parents singing of God’s love while children sing nursery rhymes… He [God] thinks of the parents like the parents think of the children while the children are at peace, like the parents should be because of the children’s faith in the authority figures.”


Then I chewed on that thought (and a cupcake) and pondered how God sees me as His child. When my kids are in turmoil, usually I’m immediately frantic, trying to think of the quickest way to make them quiet.

But after that 2 seconds (which feels like 2 years), I start looking for the deeper causes of their distress; what do they need? What’s causing this reaction? And it’s taken me 3 (almost 4 children) to figure out that most times they just want to know that I hear and understand them, and if I hold them for a few seconds, and pretend their hysterical death wails aren’t causing premature deafness in me, they usually calm right down when they realize I’ve got the situation under control, even if they’re breaking down inside.

Woah, again!

The fact that God established family relationships to help us understand Him more deeply utterly blew my mind.

Not only that, but that bit of shared epiphany from my husband was an answered prayer; that God work in him, build him up, encourage, strengthen, and empower him to continue slogging through his endless swamp of responsibility. Amen, thank you, Father!

But that wasn’t my only answered prayer.

Around 2:00am, I was thinking about our Baby #4, mostly because I was being kicked into oblivion which was causing major indigestion…. And I finally just asked God, “Okay, God, what am I supposed name this child!? Nothing fits! I can’t figure it out!”

A few minutes passed, and I got, Natalia Rose.

Beautiful. 🌹 Nothing we had considered, but I liked it. And on that note, I finally fell asleep.

I told my husband this morning about the name revelation for our baby girl (yes!! Another girl!!!) And he said, “Cool, what’s it mean?”

I said, “well I don’t know! It was like 2:00 am! I didn’t look it up.”

So he looked it up, and immediately started laughing…

I’ll preface this by saying he’s been certain Baby’s coming before my due date since her conception. I kept telling him, as long as I’m not in labor on Christmas, I’m fine with her arrival being a hair early…

…I asked him why he was giggling. He said, “Well, it may suit her perfectly, but I’m not sure you’ll like it anymore once you know the meaning.”

“What is it!?!?” I begged, almost certain it would ruin the name for me.

He smiled and said, “…it means, ‘Christmas Day’.”

And so I guess that’s that, folks.

Depending on when she arrives, we have a tentative name and birthday prediction. Natalia Rose. I love it! And I can’t wait to meet her.

How deep the Father’s love truly is for us!

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