This and That

We’ve been in the midst of a super busy, hectic season of life recently.

My husband was in a car accident last week, and he wasn’t injured, thank the Lord. But, that means we’re dealing with another auto insurance claim and waiting to hear if his car (which we were over half way to paying off) was totaled. So that was semi-stressful.

I was hit with a heavy emotional attack by the enemy which manifested in a lot of angry outbursts and depression. Call it hormones, call it spiritual warfare, whatever. The fact is that after about 3-4 solid days of praying scripture and feeling absolutely defeated and worthless, a switch was flipped. God broke through and the enemy fled. I’ve been clinging to Luke 8:14.

The words that broke through the negative thought patterns were “hold on to it (the Word),” and “by enduring, bear fruit.”

The Spirit spoke words of encouragement to me; struggling doesn’t mean I’m failing

We bear mature fruit by not giving up when we’re facing emotional onslaught, but by holding onto the truth of Scripture, regardless of our feelings.

And I woke up the next morning clothed in the perfect peace of Christ. It was truly remarkable.

This is probably the first time that instead of pulling away from God I kept reading His Word and tearfully praying for Him to align my heart to his, and also just being transparent with other women when they asked how I was feeling. I’m sure they meant physically with the pregnancy, but being vulnerable in letting them know I was mentally and emotionally struggling opened up an incredible support system of prayer and encouragement I haven’t had in recent memory.

Which just goes to show, people can’t help if they never know anything is wrong. So this is my encouragement to any of you struggling to let yourself be vulnerable so that people can lift you up and give you the help you need, but may be too proud/embarrassed/scared/ashamed to ask for.

In other homestead news, our NC house sold! And we were able to use proceeds from that sale to put a new roof on our place here in TN.

It’s messy right now, but it’s going to be so much better once it’s finished. And, it’s not that red-brown color I hate. It’s a nice ivory. Not white, ivory. Because it’s my home, not a Texas Roadhouse.

See the difference??

…its okay, my husband can’t either…

In any case,

It is a good feeling not to have that other house debt hanging over our heads and the freedom from landlord responsibility is nice also.

My boys both had fevers this week and were acting sickish. Let the record show there has been one non-allergy related sickness in our household in the last 3 years. My kids are NEVER sick. But I have to be honest, the calm and stillness that whatever this illness is has brought is welcomed. So today is a soft clothes and movies on the couch kind of day. I think this mama bear and her cubs could use a day of stillness and rest.

Thankfully, the Lord has blessed me with plenty of herbal medicinals in our larder and we have all we need to nurse the littles back to health.

Our tomatoes have finally started coming in!

I’ve said before that I wait longer than most people, but it is oh so worth it for their quality. Better and sweeter every year!

I grew Bonnie Best this year, and will be planting mortgage lifters next year.

Imagine that, already planning next year’s garden. Such is life on the homestead; thinking forward and enjoying the present.

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